2016 Motorsport Blog – January and February

My Motorsport Year: 2016

In the last few years I’ve been quite sporadic at blogging but having been challenged by the Mrs I thought I’d have a go at recording my 2016 Motorsport year, I hope you find the posts an interesting read…


The year started early with a bit of marshaling on a road event on the 4th. I dragged Nic (my wife) out to man a couple of controls for an event running across Salisbury Plain, a location I know very well from when my motor club, Craven MC used to run a round of the Tarmac championship across the range roads.

Next up was the BTRDA Awards night in Sutton Coldfield. Boyd and I recieved our 2015 trophies and celebrated in style with our father and son mechanics Dave and Rob Walke and Nic who joined us on quite a few of the events last year (she’s very good at buying the crisps).

Prizegivings are always a good night out when you’re a winner, and in Boyd’s words… we smashed it!


I finally submitted my completed training documents to become an MSA Steward. Its an odyssey I actually began in late 2013, but took my time over as I got married and had a rally championship to try and win. Plus I was told early on that the MSA wouldn’t look kindly if they thought you’d rushed through it. The two years I have spent completing it have been enjoyable and varied and it’s very interesting looking at motorsport from a different angle. You start to watch racing on TV in a vary different ways and arguing with friends about decisions where once you may have just agreed the other party was a prat!

This month I’ve also been invited to join the BTRDA Rallies Committee, it’s a genuine honour to join the steering committee of a championship that I’ve enjoyed competing on for so many years. I hope the championship continues in good health and can live with the revived BRC. The customer base for both are slightly different and there has always been room for the two of them. Who remembers when there were three national championships, BTRDA, ANCRO and BRC? I’ve been fortunate enough to compete on all three over the years and they each offered something different.

February should have also seen the start of Boyd and my Silver Star title defence but sadly as I write this I’m sat on the sofa watching the Six Nations instead of being in LLandudno competing on the Cambrian. Sadly Boyd was doing some testing last week at Walters Arena and the gearbox cried enough. The guys had secured the parts to fix it but sadly on Thursday lunchtime it was obvious there was something more serious and so I was asked to pull our entry. Gutted doesn’t cover it… so I’m following the rally via Twitter rather than being in the car spitting the notes.

I thought that was going to be it for the month of February and was ready to publish this blog mid February but the email and phone is never to quiet and I’ve been approached to join a panel looking at a safety innovation. I can’t say more than that at present but sounds interesting and something close to my heart.

I was also asked to act as a Club Steward on a road event over my birthday weekend, the late night and early hours didn’t appeal as I should’ve been in a pub propping up the bar but hey it’s motorsport!

March Blog to follow…..