Scrutineering and Signing On

The following is a guide to the equipment and documents you’ll need to transverse these administrative procedures and aid to what a scrutineer may look for. It is not comprehensive but a guide, let me know what I’m missing.


Car should be clean, inside and out. Scrutineers often take a long more time over dirty, scruffy cars than they do on clean smart looking cars.
Personal competition clothing and equipment РHave laid out on the roof of the car ready for inspection.
FHR – HANS devices
Suits (are they clean, rip free and legal?)
International only fireproof balaclava, underwear (including socks), boots, gloves for driver.


Open the bonnet and boot when you are at the head of the queue.

Make sure you have the following.

Spill kit
SOS/OK Board
Belt cutters reachable by both crew members.
Fuel sample take off pipe
Belts and seats in life and securely bolted
No holes in firewalls
Extinguisher works
Kill switch works from outside

Horn works for both Driver and Co-driver

Extinguishers are charged and you they are correct size
Car is presented how it will compete e.g. If using lamppod it is on the car.
Numbers and championship stickers fixed before scrutineering (numbers often collected at noise or HQ, check regs)
In-car fixed securely – do you need sponsors logo for event on dashboard or letter of approval from CoC?
1st aid kit is recommended but there is no regulation to say what it must contain.

Do you want to carry a tow rope/strap

Nut gun (make sure its charged (Thanks Emma M.)

Documents at Scrutineering 

Process card from Noise Test

MSA Competition Log Book
MOT if appropriate
Homologation Papers
Camera permission form if appropriate

Signing On
Competition Licence
Club Card
Championship cards
Process card
PR Form
Signed Camera form from scrutineering
Insurance certificate if using own insurance.

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