“I must say this is an excellent website that I have seen in 26 years of rallying.
It just gives so much detail in all areas of rallying.

Your guide for Codrivers is truly amazing and I will certainly endorse it wherever I go. Its a must for all new codrivers coming into the sport and I will certainly direct new codrivers to it.”

Paul, Co-driver with 26 years of competitive experience.

“Firstly, Mitch and I would like to thank you again for your help and support in getting the car and us (the crew) through our first event. (not least the noise testing)

Having prepared the car and had minimal test mileage, plus then having both driver and co-driver with no prior experience there was significant potential for pain and embarrassment :) So having you support us on the event removed a whole level of stress from myself and my co-driver giving us a much higher level of confidence and understanding of what was going on, and where we should focus our attention, and more importantly when.

Mitch learned much over the day in terms of the skills needed and was actually quite relaxed going into stage 5 :)”

Mark, New rally competitor

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